SHOWER WALL 900x900x2000 White 2-sided (Actual 883×883)


Antibac® antimicrobial protection, easy to clean
Simple to cut, trim and add tap holes, easy installation
Durable – scratch and crack resistant



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Product Code Item Size Price
WS13WHPO Standard (2000mm Height) 900×2000 White 1-sided (Actual 883) $226.60
WS16WHPO Standard (2000mm Height) 820x820x2000 White 2-sided (Actual 785×785) $365.20
WS26WHPO Standard (2000mm Height) 900x900x2000 White 2-sided (Actual 883×883) $358.60
WS29WHPO Standard (2000mm Height) 1000x1000x2000 White 2-sided (Actual 983×983) $414.70
WS34WHPO Standard (2000mm Height) 1200x900x2000 White 2-sided (Actual 1195×883) $441.70
WS37WHPO Standard (2000mm Height) 1500x900x2000 White 2-sided (Actual 1483×883) $497.20
WU41WHPO Standard (2000mm Height) 900x1200x900x2000 White 3-sided (Actual 887x1180x887) $622.60
WH28WHPO Standard (2000mm Height) 900x900x900x2000 White 3-sided (Actual 888x874x888) $491.70

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