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Planning for a bathroom remodeling in Seaford? Then a truly beautiful bathroom is closer than you think. Look for Cargo Bathroom & Kitchens for a wide range of bathroom supplies and you will be guaranteed to get the best solutions and services. If you are looking for vanities, shower screens, toilet suites etc., then Cargo Bathroom & Kitchens is your destination. We have been known to provide the best and top of the line bathroom products in Seaford. Our products are available in a wide range of shapes, styles, sizes and colours that you can choose from.

Affordable Bathing Space Remodeling Options in Seaford

Upgrading or converting a shower space during a bathroom remodel or renovation can throw up some interesting options. And if you are planning to overhaul your bathing space then you will have a range of affordable choices to consider when you shop for shower screens at Cargo Bathroom & Kitchens in Seaford.

If you are looking for a quick and easy installation of a shower screen in your existing bathroom layout then a one piece shower unit will be perfect for you. This model consists of almost every part that a shower system will require. This single prepackaged unit will have shower walls, glass door and all the required plumbing and fixtures. This type of a shower screen is extremely cost effective because while installing it you won’t have to redesign or reconfigure your drainage or water supply lines.

Another affordable and easy to install shower screen is the synthetic shower. This unit is almost similar to the one piece shower screens and is also easy to maintain. But unlike the one piece shower screen, these units are usually made of plastic, PVC, vinyl or acrylic. The panels that come with this unit can be installed over the existing shower walls.

If you are looking for a simple remodeling work then you can consider installing glass doors and frames to an existing shower enclosure or a bathtub. This will not only eliminate the need for a full renovation of your bathroom space, but it will also allow your bathroom to have a new look.