Buy Quality Toilet Suites in Braeside at Affordable Prices

There is just no way that your bathroom renovation or remodeling can be complete without having the right toilet suite. Sometimes the task to select the right toilet suite can be hard, especially when you want to finalise the design that will suit and fit your bathroom space seamlessly. At Cargo Bathroom & Kitchens in Braeside we provide you all and any bathroom solution that you require to solve your problems.

We provide our customers in Braeside with a wide range of well-made, flush-to-wall and in-wall cistern toilets. Many are not very familiar with the idea of an in-wall cistern. These toilet suites can be described as consisting of a visible bowl, with a slim & well designed cistern that can be easily installed in the wall behind the main unit. This compact toilet suite design is a great option for homes which have small bathroom space. It is also an excellent choice for people who prefer a more minimal style for their bathrooms.

Our other range of toilet suites includes full-tank and attached-cistern variants. These models of toilet suites are built using hard-wearing and high-quality ceramic that offer more durability along with quality. The toilet suites that we provide come in a wide variety of styles, sizes, and designs. Our toilet suites also guarantee that the aesthetics of your bathroom space will see a significant upgrade post installation.

The toilet suites that you will find at Cargo Bathroom & Kitchens are not just about their looks. Our toilet suites are extremely functional. Here are some of the key features of our toilet suites:

  • Easy to clean and maintain

  • No rim- Bacteria free toilet suites

  • Toilet Suites with ergonomic design

  • Toilet suites that ensures less water wastage

  • Toilet suites with adjustable height

Besides toilet suites, Cargo Bathroom and Kitchens also provides other bathroom supplies and products like shower screens and bathroom vanities.