Bathtubs for Small Bathrooms

5 Space-Saving Bathtubs for Small Bathrooms: Maximise Comfort & Style

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Designing a small bathroom doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice comfort or style. With careful planning and the right choice of fixtures, you can maximise your space and create an inviting oasis. CARGO Bathroom & Kitchen presents five innovative bathtubs specifically designed for small bathroom spaces, offering both comfort and style in various designs to suit your preferences. These space-saving bathtubs challenge conventional wisdom and allow you to make the most of your limited space without compromising on aesthetics or functionality. Explore the creative designs and features of these bathtubs and transform your small bathroom into a personal haven with CARGO Bathroom & Kitchen’s extensive product range.

1. Freestanding Soaker Bathtubs for Compact Spaces

Freestanding soaker bathtubs provide a luxurious bathing experience while occupying minimal space in your bathroom. These bathtubs are designed for relaxation, with an emphasis on depth rather than length. They often feature high backrests and ergonomic contours that make them the perfect choice for a spa-like atmosphere. Some smaller models are specifically designed for compact spaces, ensuring that even the most restricted bathroom layout can accommodate a stylish and comfortable soaking tub.

2. Corner Bathtubs: Maximising Corner Spaces

Available in various shapes and sizes, corner bathtubs provide an elegant solution to utilise the often-underused corners of small bathrooms. These bathtubs are designed to fit snugly into corners, effectively saving floor space and allowing for a more open feel in your bathroom. Options like offset corner tubs offer asymmetrical designs that maximise internal bathing space while maintaining a compact external footprint. When selecting a corner bathtub, consider the depth and internal layout for a comfortable bathing experience and match the style with your bathroom’s overall aesthetic.

3. Alcove Bathtubs: Sleek Designs for Tight Spaces

Alcove bathtubs are a popular choice for small bathrooms, as they offer a versatile and space-saving solution by nestling into a designated alcove or recessed space in your bathroom. These standard built-in tubs typically feature three surrounding walls, with a showerhead positioned above the tub. Available in various lengths (sometimes as short as 120cm), alcove bathtubs can be tailored to fit snugly within your available space. When choosing an alcove tub, consider the style, materials, and the option for a glass shower screen instead of the traditional shower curtain to create a more open and airy feel in your small bathroom.

4. Drop-In and Undermount Bathtubs: Seamless Integration

Drop-in and undermount bathtubs provide a sleek and seamless look in small bathrooms, integrating effortlessly into your bathroom’s design and surfacing. Drop-in bathtubs are installed within a pre-built surround, often countertop or tiles, wherein the tub rim is visible. Alternatively, undermount bathtubs are installed below the bathroom floor or decking, providing a clean and streamlined appearance. Both options can be customised to fit the precise dimensions of your bathroom, making them a great choice for utilising compact spaces efficiently. When selecting a drop-in or undermount bathtub, consider the placement, style, and depth to ensure it suits your needs and matches your bathroom’s aesthetic.

5. Japanese Soaking Tubs: Deep Immersion in Minimal Space

Japanese soaking tubs, or ofuro tubs, offer a unique and compact solution for small bathrooms, prioritising depth over length for a deep immersion experience. These tubs maximise limited space by adopting an upright, seated bathing position, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of a deep soak without utilising extensive floor space. Typically made from wood or acrylic materials, Japanese soaking tubs can be freestanding or built into the bathroom design. When selecting a soaking tub, ensure the dimensions suit your requirements, and the design aligns with your bathroom’s aesthetic and atmosphere.

Additional Considerations for Small Bathtubs

When selecting a space-saving bathtub, don’t forget the importance of quality materials and functional features. Consider options with non-slip surfaces, built-in armrests, or adjustable headrests for additional comfort and safety. Also, factor in the installation process and necessary modifications to your bathroom space, plumbing, and drainage to ensure a smooth implementation of your chosen bathtub.

An ideal bathtub for a small bathroom should be highly functional and stylish, and complement the overall design of your space. By exploring various bathtub styles and sizes, you can find the perfect option that maximises your bathroom’s potential without sacrificing comfort or style. Remember to consult professionals, like the experienced team at CARGO Bathroom & Kitchen, to help guide you through the process of selecting and installing your new space-saving bathtub.

Embrace Comfort and Style in Your Small Bathroom with CARGO Bathroom & Kitchen

Navigating the challenge of limited space in a small bathroom can be a daunting task, but with the right bathtub selection, you can strike the perfect balance between comfort, style, and space efficiency. From freestanding soaker bathtubs to Japanese soaking tubs, there is a wide range of innovative bathtubs designed to enhance your bathroom experience without compromising on aesthetics or functionality.

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