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This beautiful, versatile vanity comes in a variety of sizes and colours to suit any renovation need!

Available in five exciting colours: Matte white; Matte black; Gloss white; Gloss black; Matte grey.

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Weight 0.1 kg

600MM No top Gloss white, 750MM No top Gloss white, 900MM No top Gloss white, 1200MM No top Gloss white, 1500MM No top Gloss white, 1800MM No top Gloss white, 600MM No top Gloss black, 750MM No top Gloss black, 900MM No top Gloss black, 1200MM No top Gloss black, 1500MM No top Gloss black, 1800MM No top Gloss black, 600MM No top Matt white, 750MM No top Matt white, 900MM No top Matt white, 1200MM No top Matt white, 1500MM No top Matt white, 1800MM No top Matt white, 600MM No top Matt black, 750MM No top Matt black, 900MM No top Matt black, 1200MM No top Matt black, 1500MM No top Matt black, 1800MM No top Matt black, 600MM No top Matt grey, 750MM No top Matt grey, 900MM No top Matt grey, 1200MM No top Matt grey, 1500MM No top Matt grey, 1800MM No top Matt grey, 600MM Ceramic top Gloss white, 750MM Ceramic top Gloss white, 900MM Ceramic top Gloss white, 1200MM Ceramic top Gloss white, 1500MM Ceramic top Gloss white, 600MM Ceramic top Gloss black, 750MM Ceramic top Gloss black, 900MM Ceramic top Gloss black, 1200MM Ceramic top Gloss black, 1500MM Ceramic top Gloss black, 600MM Ceramic top Matt white, 750MM Ceramic top Matt white, 900MM Ceramic top Matt white, 1200MM Ceramic top Matt white, 1500MM Ceramic top Matt white, 600MM Ceramic top Matt black, 750MM Ceramic top Matt black, 900MM Ceramic top Matt black, 1200MM Ceramic top Matt black, 1500MM Ceramic top Matt black, 600MM Ceramic top Matt grey, 750MM Ceramic top Matt grey, 900MM Ceramic top Matt grey, 1200MM Ceramic top Matt grey, 1500MM Ceramic top Matt grey


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